Classic Bamboo Fly Rods

TOM MORGAN 8' 3 pc.
8’, 3-pc. with two full tips. Not only did Mr. Morgan own the Winston Rod Company for the better part of two decades, he is one of the preeminent craftsmen and designers of fly fishing rods in America. Using the finest materials this impeccably crafted rod features light carmel-colored cane elegantly wrapped in burgundy silks with fine gold accents, signature wraps, ferrule stations and tip-tops completed by a perfectly executed varnish finish. Auburn agate stripper, fine-wire snakes and tip-tops. Top quality truncated N/S ferrules with N/S ferrule plug fit smooth and tight and give a satisfying ‘pop’ when separated. Western-style grip has some light cork soiling from handling and lawn casting. The absolutely stunning Thuya wood mortised seat is fitted with D/Locking N/S cap and ring hardware with company logo stamped into the bottom of the cap. rice: $3,500.

Five sided rod with two full tips, made by Glenn Brackett’s company. He left Twin Bridges when the new owner insisted on making rods which Glen considered inadequate. This rod was used only once, so is really N/M with original bag and tube: Price: $1,500.

9’ 2”, 3 pc. with full tips for DT-6 line. S/B nickel-silver reel seat and E.C. Powell stamp, agate stripper guide.

Signed by Walton Powell as the “First semi-hollowbuilt rod made by E.C. Powell in 1928. His personal tournament rod. In M/R condition with non-original bag & tube. A historic rod. E.C.’s rods are not only recognized as some of the very best bamboo rods ever built, but served as the basis for the best West Coast rodmakers to come, including Gary Howells and the Twin Bridges crew. Price: $2,900

HARDY Neroda Fly box and flies, excellent condition. Price: $250

HARDY Japanned Fly box and flies, excellent condition. Price: $250

HARDY Japanned Fly box and flies, excellent condition. Price: $250

HARDY Malloch Jappaned Fly box and flies, excellent condition. Price: $295

WHEATLEY glass top compartment fly box and flies,. Very good condition. Price: $75

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